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Название книги: Dangerous

Автор книги: Quick Amanda

Жанры: Исторические любовные романы

Язык: Английский

Год издания: 1993

Количество страниц: 73


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From a magnificent ballroom ablaze with lights to an imposing country house steeped in shadows comes a breathtaking tale of an impetuous miss — and a passion that leads to peril...
At five and twenty, Prudence Merryweather knew very well the risks a woman took by visiting a gentleman in the dead of night. But bearding the notorious Earl of Angelstone in his den was the only way to stop him from engaging her hot-headed brother in a duel. And that was why she found herself ushered into Sebastian's forbidding presence at three in the morning — and thoroughly kissed before dawn.
She was a country-bred innocent and an intriguing experience for a man who dwelt more in the shadows than in sunshine. Yet as her boldness drew Prue into one dangerous episode after another, Sebastain found himself torn between a raging hunger to possess her and a driving need to protect her. And the reckless beauty would soon need all the protection she could get....


  1. Amanda Quick Dangerous
  2. Chapter One
  3. Chapter Two
  4. Chapter Three
  5. Chapter Four
  6. Chapter Five
  7. Chapter Six
  8. Chapter Seven
  9. Chapter Eight
  10. Chapter Eleven
  11. Chapter Twelve
  12. Chapter Thirteen
  13. Chapter Fourteen
  14. Chapter Fifteen
  15. Chapter Sixteen
  16. Chapter Seventeen
  17. Chapter Eighteen
  18. Chapter Nineteen
  19. Chapter Twenty