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Guardian Angel

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Guardian Angel

Название книги: Guardian Angel

Автор книги: Garwood Julie

Жанры: Исторические любовные романы

Язык: Английский

Год издания: 1990

Количество страниц: 100


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The Emerald flew across the seas, carrying the pirate Pagan—despised hy the ton, whose riches he plundered, and beloved by the poor, whose plight was eased by his gifts.
The Marquess of Cainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother's death. But when Jade, an enchanting vision of rippling red hair and eyes of jewel-green, appears at his door to beg desperately for his protection, the marquess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who want her dead. Jade is infuriating, exasperating, and gorgeous; Caine is noble, strong-willed, and powerful. No woman has ever befuddled him so, nor so deeply aroused his desire. But as Jade answers his knowing caresses with an innocent, wild abandon, they are drawn into a web of treachery that will test the very heart of their love!


  1. Julie Garwood Guardian Angel
  2. Chapter One
  3. Chapter Two
  4. Chapter Three
  5. Chapter Four
  6. Chapter Five
  7. Chapter Six
  8. Chapter Seven
  9. Chapter Eight
  10. Chapter Nine
  11. Chapter Ten
  12. Chapter Eleven
  13. Chapter Twelve
  14. Chapter Thirteen
  15. Chapter Fourteen
  16. Chapter Fifteen