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Название книги: Outlaw

Автор книги: Lowell Elizabeth

Серия издания: MacKenzie-Blackthorn

Жанры: Исторические любовные романы

Язык: Английский

Количество страниц: 39


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    Could she let go of the past long enough to imagine the future?
    Diana Saxton is planning to spend the summer alone, uncovering the native artifacts that are her passion-the only thing that has helped her survive a past that she would rather forget. But experience has taught Diana that the security of her academic world can shatter as easily as the delicate relics she collects.
    Now, her love for history has brought her to the magical Colorado landscape. As an anthropologist, Diana's thrilled by the chance to discover the secrets of September Canyon. Then the solitude of her trip is jeopardized by a stranger as tough and commanding as the land itself. Tennessee Blackthorn knows that the shy professor doesn't welcome his company, but he's promised to watch over her safety.
    Diana's never trusted anyone to share her world before. Now she's alone with a stranger, in a place where nature holds the history of the land. And suddenly, Diana is discovering more than the past. She's finding her future…


  1. Elizabeth Lowell Outlaw
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