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The Fortress of the Pearl

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The Fortress of the Pearl

Название книги: The Fortress of the Pearl

Автор книги: Moorcock Michael

Серия издания: Elric Apocryphal Storyes

Жанры: Героическая фантастика

Язык: Английский

Год издания: 1989

Количество страниц: 52


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And when Elric had told his tree lies to Cymoril, and when he had taken leave of Rackhir the Red Archer, he set off into lands unknown, to seek knowledge which he believed would help him rule Melniboné as she had never been ruled before… 
But it was in the desert city of Quarzhasaat that he began the adventure which was to help set the course for his weird for years to come. The Chronicle of the Black Sword 
Lost in the immensities of the Sighing Desert, Quarzhasaat is a city of elaborate intrigue, ruled over by a council of seven known whimsically as the Six and One Other. When Elric, albino prince of Melniboné, arrives there he is weak and close to death, and is easily forced into agreeing to a mysterious quest: to find the Pearl at the Heart of the World, which will convey much power to its owner, but which lies concealed in the hidden Fortress of the Pearl. It is a quest which has defeated many before him, but Elric, armed with his soul-eating sword Stormbringer, is no ordinary adventurer.


  1. The Fortress of the Pearl BY MICHAEL MOORCOCK  Book Two of Elric Apocryphal Storyes
  3. 1 A Doomed Lord Dying
  4. 2 "The Pearl at the Heart of the World"
  5. 3 On the Red Road
  6. 4 A Funeral at the Oasis
  7. 5 The Dreamthief's Pledge
  9. 1 How a Thief May Instruct an Emperor
  10. 2 In the Marches at the Heart's Edge
  11. 3 Of Beauty Found in Deep Caverns
  12. 4 The Intervention of a Navigator
  13. 5 The Sadness of a Queen Who Cannot Rule
  15. 1 At the Court of the Pearl
  16. 2 The Destruction in the Fortress
  17. 3 Celebrations at the Silver Flower Oasis
  18. 4 Certain Matters Resolved in Quarzhasaat
  19. 5 An Epilogue at the Waning of the Blood Moon